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Neuro acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master for ADD Child

As people know, ADD syndrome in child is very hard to be diagnosed. This is because ADD syndrome do not has a clear feature that can differentiate with normal kids. So, to make things clear, a lot of researches have been done by an expert.

According to an expert, ADD child can be detected by observing more detail about the attitude or behavior of the child. Make a schedule for your child’s behavior and then compare their attitudes with other children. If there is any difference in your child’s attitude or behavior, please bring your child to the expert so that they can classify your child’s behavior as ADD syndrome or any other behavioral disorder.

To get the right treatment for your ADD child, I recommend parents to use a natural treatment such as ADD neuro acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master instead of using drugs like Ritalin since drugs can give so many bad side effects to your child.

I had do some research about acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master and I found that this treatment is very effective since there are so many people from all over the world come to him for treatment. You can make this acupuncture treatment as an alternative treatment in addition to modern treatment nowadays.

For ADD child, Chinese Master needs to do ADD neuro acupuncture treatment where a few of very fine needles will be pricked on child’s head. This is to stimulate back the energy flow in the child’s brain according to Chinese Master. This treatment type needs the child to do acupuncture treatment three sessions a day maximum. One session needs one hour of treatment.

Besides ADD neuro acupuncture treatment, Chinese Master also suggests the parents to give their ADD child some herbal medicine at home. Herbal medicine which is meant by Chinese Master is the ‘Brain Powder’. ‘Brain Powder’ is made by Chinese Master himself especially for children with brain’s problem using selected herbs only. The ‘Brain Powder’ also can improve the immune system of the child’s body.

Chinese Master also provides a treatment in the form of games for ADD kids. It aims to make the children become enjoyable during the treatment time. So, only you can decide the best for your child and for your life.



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